Episode 68 – Future Predictions

Welcome to 2018! And welcome to our 110% fact based prediction show for 2018. As you may expect from your two hosts, everything in this episode is 110% sure to become reality in the next twelve months.
And since 110% is not actually possible, our predictions might also be just a little bit off? But we have 365 days to bask in the glory of our predictions before we, as usual, are shot back down to earth.

Episode 67 – Roaring News

It’s here: the final news episode for 2017! We finish off the year talking about Apache Pulsar, Hadoop Delegation tokens (aka Kerberos), the Hadoop on Container hype (or is it?), Apache Hadoop 3.0 release and all you need to know bout Data Prepping (or at least all we can tell you in about 10 minutes, that is).

Episode 66 – Past Predictions

It the time of the year again where you can call us out on being totally rubbish at predicting much of anything, or can we..? Listen to the episode and find out!
In any case, we unabashedly will be recording a new “future predictions” show in a couple of weeks so if you have any predictions you want us to consider, send them to us by tweet or email! Continue reading “Episode 66 – Past Predictions”