Episode 23 – Security in Hadoop – Authentication

In this episode, we discuss this fortnight’s interesting big data news that caught our eye and then go on to discuss the basics around authentication in Hadoop for what is the first in a series of episodes that we’ll be doing over the next few months on the broad topic of security. Continue reading “Episode 23 – Security in Hadoop – Authentication”

Episode 22 – Big Data in Small Business

The main subject in this episode features answer to a listener question we received a couple of months ago: How can big data help small businesses? What ways can small business use big data? At the moment all the talk is about big data helping enterprise firms. And we are introducing a new section which we hope you will enjoy! Continue reading “Episode 22 – Big Data in Small Business”

Episode 21 – The Open Data Platform Initiative

This episode we have an interview with John Mertic about ODPi. There has been plenty of mystery and even some controversy about ODPi which we attempt to resolve for you. Big thanks to John for giving us some of his time for this interview! Continue reading “Episode 21 – The Open Data Platform Initiative”

Episode 20 – Dave’s Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 Retrospective – Part 2

In this second part, we discuss the sessions that Dave attended at the San Jose Hadoop Summit and we go in depth on some related topics. Since we ran over an hour with the main topic, and we did not want to make this a three-parter, we decided to forgo the questions from the audience just this one time… Continue reading “Episode 20 – Dave’s Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 Retrospective – Part 2”

Episode 19 – Dave’s Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 Retrospective

Dave went to the Hadoop Summit 2016 in San Jose last week and came back with a riveting tale to tell. In this first part of the Summit coverage, join me when I ask Dave all about the keynotes and the general event. Join us next episode where Dave will talk about some of the sessions he attended! Continue reading “Episode 19 – Dave’s Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 Retrospective”