Episode 195 – Exploring Redis with Kyle Davis – Part 1

We’re joined by Kyle Davis, head of Developer Advocacy at Redis Labs to discuss the ins and outs of Redis. It’s the the in-memory data store that everybody probably uses, whether you know it or not and Kyle does a great job on discussing the pros and cons of deploying Redis in the many use cases it can add tremendous value. This is the first part of the interview with Kyle.

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Episode 194 – Roaring News

This week we first discus the importance of good documentation using an article that actually did not follow it’s own good advice. Next up is a discussion around “Big Irons” IBM and HPE having seen the cloud-first light.

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Episode 193 – Bite-Sized Big Python

We are joined by John T. Wolohan, writer of the Large Datasets with Python book published by Manning Publications to talk about the business impact of living the Big Data life and how Python has become the programming language darling of Big data programmers and Data Scientist alike.

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Episode 191 – The Dawn of False Hope

Following on from episode 189 where we looked at all things pronounced “dead”, we now go in search of all things that will make sure the future is bright and cheerful. Most confusingly, most things pronounced dead also seem to be the future?

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