Episode 27 – Security 3: Encryption at rest and in motion

Rounding out our series on security in Hadoop, we finish with Encryption at rest and in motion. We go over the different approaches, do’s and don’ts and mention some higher level application in this space.
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Episode 25 – The pro’s and con’s of crafting your own distribution

When we talk about Big Data and Hadoop in particular, we generally have one of the existing distributions from Cloudera, Hortonworks or other Big Data companies in mind. But sometimes, a pre-built distro just does not meet the needs. In this episode, we have a guest on the show that explains why they made the choice to forgo the available distributions in favour of building ones own.
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Episode 24 – Hadoop Summit Melbourne 2016 Preview

With Hadoop Summit Melbourne 2016 starting the day after we are recording this episode, we go over the published agenda and discuss the current state of the Big Data Technology ecosystem while we pick our favorite sessions. Wish we were there! Continue reading “Episode 24 – Hadoop Summit Melbourne 2016 Preview”

Episode 23 – Security in Hadoop – Authentication

In this episode, we discuss this fortnight’s interesting big data news that caught our eye and then go on to discuss the basics around authentication in Hadoop for what is the first in a series of episodes that we’ll be doing over the next few months on the broad topic of security. Continue reading “Episode 23 – Security in Hadoop – Authentication”

Episode 22 – Big Data in Small Business

The main subject in this episode features answer to a listener question we received a couple of months ago: How can big data help small businesses? What ways can small business use big data? At the moment all the talk is about big data helping enterprise firms. And we are introducing a new section which we hope you will enjoy! Continue reading “Episode 22 – Big Data in Small Business”