Episode 51 – Roaring News

In this news episode (our very first one), Dave is all-out on Artificial Intelligence and its use in naming “stuff”; for some subjects it apparently works very well, for other subjects not so much…
Jhon brings a blog on deploying new Kerberos functionality and a tutorial for Kafka Connect for those that have not really looked at it. The ensuing discussion on Nifi vs kafka is purely coincidental. Continue reading “Episode 51 – Roaring News”

Episode 50 – Alan Gates Wrap Up (Part 4)

This is the final part of our long interview with Alan Gates. In this part, Alan talks more about ODPI, Cloud First, Apache Flink, Apache Pig and we finish off with a little bit of Philosophy.
A big thank you to Alan for sharing his pearls of wisdom with us!

Episode 49 – Thomas Henson on IoT architectures

In this episode we have an interview with Thomas Henson for you. Thomas is an Isilon Data Lake Evangelist at Dell/EMC, but in this episode he will talk about IoT architectures, related to his talk at the DataWorks Summit San Jose 2017 Continue reading “Episode 49 – Thomas Henson on IoT architectures”

Episode 48 – Alan Gates on the DataWorks Summit (Part 3)

In this third part of our interview with Alan Gates, PMC member for various Apache projects including Apache Hive and co-founder of Hortonworks, we talk about his sessions at the DataWorks Summits and about the Summits in general. Continue reading “Episode 48 – Alan Gates on the DataWorks Summit (Part 3)”

Episode 47 – Deep dive into Kudu

We’ve been interested in Kudu for a while. But it’s something that neither of your hosts have been exposed to very much. Apache Kudu went from incubation to top level project in record time and now seemed like the time was right to dig into this piece of antelope.
Mike Percy, PMC member and committer on the Apache Kudu project and software engineer at Cloudera was only too glad to come on the podcast and answer all our questions!