Episode 39 – Dataworks Summit Europe – Day 1

In this episode of the Roaring Elephant podcast, Dave and I attend the Dataworks summit, meet listeners, sit in on sessions and give our overall view of the day! It’s the next best thing to being here.
If you ARE here, then look out for us, we’ll exchange limited edition Roaring Elephant stickers for audio clips.
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Episode 38 – Dataworks Summit 2017 – Preview

This week, your hosts go over what we consider to be our pick of the sessions that will be presented during the Hadoop Summit Dataworks Summit in Munich next week.
The Roaring Elephant will be in attendance, look out for the two guys in distinctive yellow fleeces with the Roaring Elephant logo on the back, we hope to see you there!

Episode 37 – Big Data Roles: The starter

In this episode, we start a new series on the different roles in Big Data. Purely by coincidence, it turns out that the winner of our raffle started a new job as a Data Engineer at the beginning of this month, so naturally we decided to invite Marcel-Jan on the show to talk about the how and why of his career move.
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Episode 35 – What do people get wrong when deploying Hadoop? – Part 2

Paul Codding and Sheetal Dolas, both from Hortonworks, join us in this second part of a two part episode where they share their experience with what can go wrong when Hadoop is deployed. Listen to the tips and tricks these gentlemen share and double the throughput for your cluster.
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Episode 33 – Roaring News

This episode, we have an absolutely brilliant topic that we were going to cover after the news section… But the news section has us talking so much that it ran a bit long. Preferring not to give you a two hour episode, we’re rescheduling the delivery of the intended topic to next episode and present you with our first (and probably last) “News only” episode.
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