Episode 99 – The State of Big Data at Codemotion Amsterdam

The Roaring Elephant podcast was a guest at the Codemotion conference in Amsterdam a little while ago. This episode contains the audio of the talk we did on the State of Big Data. Continue reading “Episode 99 – The State of Big Data at Codemotion Amsterdam”

Episode 98 – Roaring news

In this episode of Big Data Roaring News, Dave laments another announcement of Hadoop’s demise and exposes A.I. imposters. Jhon has articles comparing Ranger with Sentry and Apache Nifi reaching the ripe age of 1.7 with a Minifi charged practical demo to prove the point. Continue reading “Episode 98 – Roaring news”

Episode 97 – ODPi: A new world for data governance

In this episode, we welcome back John Mertic one more time. It was quite obvious that John had lots more to talk about at the end of our last interview with him. ODPi has recently reinvented itself, moving away from a strict distribution standards body towards data governance and reference specifications. Continue reading “Episode 97 – ODPi: A new world for data governance”

Episode 96 – Roaring news

In this edition of Roaring news, Ward Bekker returns to discuss what is happening in the world of Big Data. Ward brings news on GPUs in supercomputers and how Big Data could be wrong about you. Dave and Jhon found articles on Big data growth visualizations and GDPR. Continue reading “Episode 96 – Roaring news”

Episode 95 – DataWorks Summit in San Jose with Ward Bekker

Since both Dave and Jhon were not able to attend the Dataworks Summit in San Jose a couple of weeks ago, we have a guest, Ward Bekker, who was happy to join and educate us on the subject. Continue reading “Episode 95 – DataWorks Summit in San Jose with Ward Bekker”