Episode 41 – News, news and some more news

In this episode, due to us blowing our recording space budget with the Dataworks Summit day by day episodes (39 and 40 if you’ve not listened yet, go and do so!) we’re just bringing you a short episode this time with news, all the news that’s new and approved by the Roaring Elephants! Continue reading “Episode 41 – News, news and some more news”

Episode 36 – Use-case: Single View

No guests today, just Dave and Jhon talking so brace yourselves! This time we’re actually going to explain what we mean by “single view of customer” go through explaining an example of a use-case and discuss how you might implement such a thing. Enjoy.
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Episode 34 – What do people get wrong when deploying Hadoop? – Part 1

Paul Codding and Sheetal Dolas, both from Hortonworks, join us in this first part of a two part episode where they share their experience with what can go wrong when Hadoop is deployed. Listen to the tips and tricks these gentlemen share and double the throughput for your cluster.
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Episode 30 – Apache Software Foundation

So many of the tools and projects we talk about and use every day are prefaced by 6 letters, A P A C H E… What does it mean to be an Apache project? What does the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) do for software? Are there other options? Let us tell you about the ASF!
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Episode 26 – Security 2: Authorisation and audit

In this episode, we continue our coverage on Hadoop security. Where episode 24 dealt with the subject of authentication, we now delve deeper in the why and how of authorization and audit, and cover the  major players in the arena.
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